A stray dog in Lebanon saves a baby's life by carrying her.

People discussed the stray dog in Lebanon who saved the life of an abandoned newborn on Twitter.

After bringing an orphaned baby to safety, a stray dog in Lebanon became a hero. According to reports, the young child was put in a waste bag outside of a government office. The puppy was carrying the rubbish bag in its mouth when a bystander heard the baby's cries coming from within the package.

The baby was found by an unnamed bystander, who transported her immediately to Islamic Hospital, where she received treatment for bruises on her face and body. Social media reacted quickly to the news, with many denouncing the mother's decision to abandon the infant.

How was the infant saved by the dog?

Using the handle Farid on Twitter, someone posted a picture of the baby along with a detailed message. "A dog saved this baby who was found abandoned today. When translated from Arabic, a portion of their tweet reads, "I hope this youngster will be adopted from a family.

The post received a lot of responses. The majority expressed their views in Arabic. The majority of the responses, when translated, expressed concern for the baby's security and lauded the dog. Some also criticised the parents who left the baby behind.

"Criminals lack empathy and sentiment. I hope I could adopt her, a Twitter user remarked. "So very sad. However, I'm happy the infant is secure, one person added. A third person said, "The little girl would have died if the dog hadn't found her. She was in a bag of trash and nobody would have seen her."

People in Lebanon can't stop praising the dog for saving an abandoned baby.


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