Generating e-invoices in Tally Prime software is a seamless process that helps businesses comply with tax regulations and streamline their invoicing operations. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to generate e-invoices in Tally Prime:

Ensure that you have entered your GSTIN details correctly in Tally Prime. Also, make sure that the e-invoicing feature is enabled in the software.

Go to the "Accounting Vouchers" section in Tally Prime and select "Sales." Enter all the relevant details, such as the customer's name, item details, quantity, rate, and any applicable taxes.

After entering all the necessary details, validate the sales voucher to ensure there are no errors or missing information.

Once the voucher is validated, click on the "E-Invoice" option in Tally Prime. The software will automatically generate the e-invoice based on the information provided in the sales voucher.

Before finalizing the e-invoice, review all the details carefully to ensure accuracy. Double-check the customer's information, invoice amount, taxes, and other relevant data.

After verifying the e-invoice, click on the "Upload to E-Invoice Portal" button in Tally Prime. The software will transmit the invoice data to the government's GSTN portal.

Once the e-invoice data is uploaded, the government's portal will generate a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and a Quick Response (QR) code for the e-invoice.

Tally Prime will automatically fetch and save the IRN and QR code associated with the e-invoice. This step ensures that you have a record of the generated e-invoice in your Tally software.

You can now print the e-invoice or share it directly with your customers via email or other communication channels.

Finally, when filing your GST returns, include the details of the e-invoices generated in Tally Prime along with other sales transactions.

Generating e-invoices in Tally Prime simplifies the invoicing process and helps businesses stay compliant with GST regulations. It also ensures seamless integration with the government's E-Invoice system, reducing manual efforts and potential errors. By following these steps, you can efficiently generate and manage e-invoices for your business in Tally Prime software.


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