The current $1.55B Mega Millions jackpot is the highest ever. Tonight, Tuesday, August 8, is the next drawing.

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached a record-breaking $1.55 billion after Friday night's jackpot drawing produced no winners.

The latest Mega Millions jackpot surpasses the previous record, which was $1.537 billion, set on October 23, 2018.

Could you win the highest-ever Mega Millions jackpot? Here is all the information you require:

Mega Millions results for August 4, 23

The Mega Ball was 20, and the winning numbers in Friday night's drawing were 11, 30, 45, 52, and 56. 2X was the Megaplier.

Was there a Mega Millions winner on August 4, 2023?

The large jackpot was not won. Five numbers were correctly predicted by tickets sold in Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Five numbers, the Megaplier, and tickets sold in Tennessee and Michigan all lined up.

What time is the following Mega Millions drawing?

On Tuesdays and Fridays, numbers are drawn. Today, Tuesday, August 8, at 11 p.m., the next Mega Millions drawing will take place.

What would you stand to gain?

The anticipated $1.55 billion jackpot prize for the following jackpot drawing on Tuesday would go to the winning numbers. Jackpot winners have the option of receiving their prize as a 29-year annuity, starting with a one-time payment.

Additionally, winners have the option of a lump sum reward. A jackpot winner in Tuesday's drawing would get a lump-sum payment of cash before taxes worth around $757.2 million.

How many Mega Millions lottery numbers are required to win a prize?

One number must match in order to win the Mega Ball, which is worth $2. If the Mega Ball is not your match, you must match a minimum of three white balls to be eligible for a $10 prize.

What is the Mega Millions game?

Playing Mega Millions costs $2.

There are a total of nine different ways to win, and the payouts range from $2 to the full jackpot.

Match Mega Ball with 5 White Balls: Jackpot

Match 5 White Balls = $1,000,000

Match Mega Ball with 4 White Balls: $10,000

Match 4 White Balls: Match for $500 $200 Match with 3 White Balls and a Mega Ball. Match for $3 White Balls at $10 $10 Match with 2 White Balls and a Mega Ball. $1 Match with 1 White Ball and 1 Mega Ball Megaball: $2.

One number from the gold balls numbered 1-25 and five different numbers from the white balls numbered 1-70 are the two pools of numbers from which players can choose their six choices.


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