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In a latest on line meeting, the House of Bishops in the Church of England confirmed its decision to commend the Prayers of Love and Faith resources to be used in regular public worship, beginning December 17. While this pass is visible as a step closer to inclusivity, some Evangelicals in the Church are expressing worries, declaring that bishops are abdicating obligation for the challenges springing up from the advent of same-intercourse advantages.

John Dunnett, the National Director of the Church of England's Evangelical Council, highlighted the massive burden placed on local church buildings, noting, "The bishops have exported this department right down to every unmarried neighborhood parish."

The creation of equal-intercourse benefits has sparked division inside the denomination over the seven-year technique of deliberation and discernment known as 'Living in Love and Faith.' Conservatives, advocating for traditional heterosexual marriage, and liberals pushing for change haven't begun to find not unusual ground or a exceptional compromise.

Rev Catherine Bond and Rev Jane Pearse,  ordained women, recently have become one of the first same-sex couples to receive a blessing at a Church of England provider. Despite this milestone, the couple recounted that there is still a large amount of ache surrounding the existence of their courting.

Dunnett emphasized the continued divisive nature of the state of affairs, mentioning, "You're going to have fractious debate at parochial church council meetings. You're going to have vicars having to give an explanation for to human beings why they're now not doing this... This is going to be a recipe for distrust. It's going to convey fracture to relationships that have, to this point, been good in nearby parishes."

Concerns raised via evangelicals have seemingly been not noted through many bishops, who narrowly voted to approve the degree. Dunnett expressed frustration, mentioning, "We have attempted a number of times to provide an explanation for to the House of Bishops that what they're doing in pursuing those prayers will motive sizable and painful division in nearby church buildings, the length and breadth of the us of a."

He further expected a negative effect on church attendance, maintaining that the mixed messages may discourage humans from attending. "We should not bargain the truth that some of human beings will simply simply leave the Church of England. And it is not some thing that offers any of us a experience of joy."

The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) is advocating for a differentiated settlement to prevent mass departures. They argue that neither facet is content material with the modern center ground and that an risky scenario, comparable to attrition conflict, would be destructive to the Church of England.

Advent of identical-sex advantages within the Church of England has ignited tensions and divisions amongst its individuals. The worries raised through evangelicals about the capacity terrible impact on nearby churches and attendance cannot be ignored. As the Church navigates this sensitive stability among tradition and development, locating a differentiated settlement can be essential to preserving cohesion and fending off a mass exodus from the denomination.


Experiencing an unheard of fourth consecutive day of ascension, IRCTC stocks soared, marking a convincing fifty two-week high at ₹800 consistent with proportion at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This upward trajectory, constituting a 2.82% surge, reflects the market's enthusiastic response to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation's (IRCTC) groundbreaking assertion to diversify its catering offerings past the confines of Indian Railways.

The organization, a distinguished Mini Ratna Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) and the hospitality and tourism flagship of Indian Railways, is strategically positioning itself to go beyond the railway area and become a highest quality logo within the broader spectrum of hospitality and catering across the country.

IRCTC's proactive approach to commercial enterprise growth encompasses negotiations with various authorities entities and corporate giants for the establishment of catering gadgets. Formalizing this commitment, the PSU has inked Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with diverse governmental and self sustaining bodies, inclusive of esteemed protection establishments consisting of the Border Security Force, Indian Maritime University in Kolkata, and Cotton University in Guwahati.

The organization's forthcoming plans contain the commissioning of an additional 15 catering gadgets nationwide, marking a widespread stride towards understanding its vision of great affect within the hospitality quarter. These devices are predicted to materialize inside the near future, solidifying IRCTC's footprint in the industry.

A testimony to its thriving operations, the catering services division of Indian Railways, controlled via IRCTC, posted a commendable 30% surge in net earnings, achieving ₹295 crore for the July-September duration, as compared to ₹226 crore inside the corresponding period the preceding yr. Further underscoring its strong financial overall performance, the sales from operations in the course of the region witnessed a strong 23% increase, scaling to ₹995 crore from ₹806 crore in Q2 of FY24.

In tandem with its strategic vision, IRCTC is actively engaging in discussions to extend its catering operations nationwide. The agency's collaborative efforts increase past the railway quarter, embracing partnerships with government bodies and business entities. These discussions represent IRCTC's commitment to fostering a diversified and expansive presence inside the hospitality and catering landscape.

As IRCTC stocks hold their upward trajectory, the market sentiment is substantially bullish, with the inventory rallying over 6% within the four trading sessions leading up to Thursday. Importantly, this resurgence marks a substantial forty four% rebound from the stock's fifty two-week low, recorded on March 29, 2023.

As the clock ticks toward mid-morning, IRCTC stocks are presently buying and selling 1.43% higher at ₹789.15 apiece on the BSE at 10:22 AM. This upward momentum not best underscores the market's self assurance in IRCTC's strategic imaginative and prescient but also positions the business enterprise as a compelling participant within the ever-evolving landscape of India's hospitality and catering industry.

IRCTC's extremely good adventure from a 52-week low to a excessive is a testimony to its resilience and strategic acumen. The organization's foray past the traditional realm of Indian Railways into the wider expanse of hospitality and catering displays a forward-looking approach that resonates with buyers and stakeholders alike. As IRCTC keeps its trajectory of increase and diversification, it solidifies its status as a trailblazer in the dynamic and competitive Indian enterprise panorama.

Canada issue

Last Update: 30/09/2023 IST

S. Jaishankar, the Indian minister for external affairs, recently spoke with US officials on the Canada issue and summarized India's worries. Concerns over the ongoing diplomatic dispute between India and Canada were voiced by Jaishankar. Allegations against Canada: During the meeting with US officials, the subject of Canadian allegations came up.  

Extremism and organized crime: According to Jaishankar, Canada has experienced a significant amount of organized crime related to separatist groups, violence, and extremism. Sharing of intelligence: According to reports, information regarding the murder was shared within the Five Eyes alliance, including Canada. Jaishankar highlighted the value of upholding territorial integrity and refraining from meddling in other people's internal issues. 

The recent diplomatic difficulties between India and Canada are referred to as the "Canada issue." After charges of "potential" Indian agent participation in the murder of Khalistani extremist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil were made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the situation deteriorated. These accusations have been dismissed by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs as "absurd and motivated." Both nations have responded to the diplomatic issue in a number of ways, including by expelling diplomats and issuing travel warnings.

Canada-India Issue: S Jaishankar challenges Trudeau to provide evidence that India killed Nijjar. What caused the deadlock between India and Canada and what issues it presents. Canadian Sikh Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who presided over a gurdwara in British Columbia and was a prominent figure in the Khalistan movement, died on June 18, 2023. In the middle of the 1990s, he moved to Canada. As the head of the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara (temple) in Surrey, British Columbia, and a supporter of Sikh secession, Nijjar rose to prominence in 2019.

Additionally, he was affiliated with Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), which he led in launching its 2020 Khalistan Referendum campaign. Nijjar was shot and died on June 18, 2023, in the British Columbia parking lot of a Sikh temple. A diplomat from India was expelled from Canada as a result of the murder. In retaliation, the Indian foreign ministry removed a prominent Canadian official and denied any participation in the murder.

By establishing an ethno-religious sovereign state called Khalistan in the Punjab region, the separatist Khalistan movement hopes to provide Sikhs a place to call home. Some believe that Khalistan should encompass the whole Sikh-majority Indian state of Punjab, while others make more expansive claims that include Pakistan's Punjab and other regions of North India like Chandigarh, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. The movement began in the 1930s as British rule in India was about to come to an end.  

The movement gained traction in the Sikh-majority Indian state of Punjab during the 1970s and 1980s, but it was unsuccessful in achieving its goal because of things like harsh police crackdowns on separatists, intra-faction fighting, and disillusionment among the Sikh populace.

Michael Gambon

Actor Michael Gambon, best known for portraying Albas Dumbledore in the  maturity of the " Harry Potter" flicks, passed away on Thursday at the age of 82 after suffering from a" bout of pneumonia," according to a statement released on behalf of his family. In a statement, his publicist Clair Dobbs said," We're devastated to advertise the loss of Sir Michael Gambon," according to PA.     

Following a bout with pneumonia, Michael, a devoted hubby and father, passed away  still in the sanitarium with his  woman Anne and son Fergus by his side. Michael had 82 times. " We appreciate your kind words of support and ask that you admire our  sequestration during this  delicate time." Gambon was well- known for his enormous body of work in TV, film, and radio, with one of his most notable performances being the psoriasis- stricken  operative in the popular 1980s series" The Singing operative."   

Gambon, one of the most prominent actors of his period, was born in Cabra, Dublin, but moved to London when he was a little child. His first position was as an apprentice toolmaker. He was born and raised in a Camden neighborhood of Irishimmigrants.He developed a lifelong love of  quaint arms,  timekeepers, and  motorcars. He admitted to being an  compulsive collector of stuff in an interview with the Guardian in 2004. Richard Briers is a stamp collector. I'm a gun and auto collector, which is far more  precious and  delicate to store.  

Gambon attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art while working as an apprentice toolmaker. He made his professional theatrical debut in the 1962  product of" Othello" at Dublin's Gate Theatre. He attracted the notice of actor Laurence Olivier, who invited him to join the National Theatre Company after it had just been established. Gambon eventually got the chance to portray the title  places in his favorite Shakespearean plays when he joined the Birmingham Repertory Company four times  latterly.   

Gambon did not come well- known until the 1980s, when he starred as Philip Marlow in the 1986 Anglo- American public TV miniseries" The Singing operative."  He was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1990. He was appointed a Knight Bachelor for his  benefactions to drama eight times  latterly.  Gambon will  probably be best known for his  part as Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, in the" Harry Potter" movie series, which he assumed after Richard Harris passed away in 2002. Gambon played Dumbledore in six of the eight" Harry Potter"  pictures in aggregate.  

Michael Gambon

The actor who played Ron Weasley in the show, Rupert Grint, paid  homage to Gambon in a post on Instagram. " I was shocked to learn about Michael. Every day on set was  cheered  by his warmth and  prankishness, Grint remarked. He captured my attention as a child and evolved into a particular part model for me in terms of seeking out the humor and  tricks in life. On Thursday, James Phelps, who portrayed Ron's family Fred Weasley in the" Harry Potter" movie series, posted an homage to Gambon on X, the  point that replaced Twitter.  

" I am sorry to learn about Michael Gambon's demise. He was  fabulous both on and off the screen, according to Phelps. " He was always  veritably funny and  veritably welcoming to partake any knowledge he had," Phelps continued, recalling a affable experience he'd working with the seasoned actor in between takes of the sixth" Harry Potter" film. Also, according to Fiona Shaw, who portrayed Potter's aunt Petunia Dursley in the  flicks, Gambon" varied his career remarkably."  also, Gambon was described by Shaw as a" gun maker" who  constantly claimed" he could wisecrack the V&A( gallery) into believing that they were 18th century  ordnance." 

" So I will just  suppose of him as a trickster, just a brilliant,  magnific trickster, but with  textbook there was no bone like him, he could do anything," the author said.   In a BBC interview, Helen Mirren also paid  homage to Gambon and recalled his sense of humor. It was"  mischievous but  veritably,  veritably funny," she remarked. He  noway  stopped making me laugh.   Gambon was said to as a"  spontaneous actor" by Mirren who made" extraordinary  benefactions to the British  geography of theater."  Gambon  entered  numerous British Academy Television Awards( BAFTAs) for Stylish Actor throughout his career and was nominated for two Emmys. 

Sеnator Robеrt Mеnеndеz

Sеnator Robеrt Mеnеndеz stands as a formidablе prеsеncе within thе intricatе tapеstry of Amеrican politics,  boasting a distinguishеd carееr that spans nеarly fivе dеcadеs.  His political odyssеy commеncеd with his humblе bеginnings as an aidе to Union City Mayor William V.  Musto,  a rolе that would catapult him into thе limеlight of public sеrvicе.  In 1974,  Mеnеndеz achiеvеd a rеmarkablе fеat by bеcoming thе youngеst candidatе еvеr to sеcurе еlеction to thе Union City Board of Education.  This еarly triumph forеshadowеd his futurе trajеctory in thе political arеna. 

Thе zеnith of Mеnеndеz's carееr was markеd by his ascеndancy to thе position of Union City's mayor in 1986,  a rolе in which hе еndеarеd himsеlf to thе local populacе through his tirеlеss dеdication to thе bеttеrmеnt of thе community.  His tеnurе as mayor was charactеrizеd by visionary lеadеrship,  which laid thе foundation for his subsеquеnt еlеctoral victoriеs and thе substantial impact hе would havе on statе and national politics. 

Subsеquеntly,  Mеnеndеz navigatеd thе intricatе mazе of politics,  sеcuring victoriеs in еlеctions to both thе statе Sеnatе and thе U. S.  Housе of Rеprеsеntativеs,  whеrе hе would sеrvе with distinction for a rеmarkablе 14 yеars.  His tеnurе in thе Housе was charactеrizеd by a fеrvеnt commitmеnt to rеprеsеnting thе intеrеsts of his constituеnts and championing lеgislation that rеflеctеd his unwavеring dеdication to his principlеs. 

In 2005,  Mеnеndеz's political journеy rеachеd an apеx whеn hе was appointеd to thе U. S.  Sеnatе,  succееding thеn-Dеmocratic Sеnator Jon Corzinе.  This transition markеd a pivotal momеnt in Mеnеndеz's carееr,  propеlling him onto thе national stagе and into thе hеart of Amеrican lеgislativе powеr. 

Howеvеr,  Mеnеndеz's journеy through thе еchеlons of Amеrican politics has not bееn dеvoid of controvеrsy.  Throughout his illustrious carееr,  hе has bееn doggеd by pеrsistеnt allеgations of corruption and lеgal challеngеs that havе cast a shadow ovеr his othеrwisе imprеssivе political rеsumе.  Thеsе allеgations havе oftеn rеvolvеd around accusations of accеpting unrеportеd gifts and political favors,  allеgations that havе lеd to thе initiation of a sеcond fеdеral invеstigation into his conduct. 

Dеspitе thе tеmpеstuous naturе of his political carееr,  Mеnеndеz has displayеd a rеmarkablе ability to wеathеr thе storm and еmеrgе from advеrsity unscathеd.  Notably,  hе sеcurеd rееlеction to his third tеrm in thе Sеnatе by a significant margin,  a tеstamеnt to his еnduring appеal and political prowеss. 

Nеvеrthеlеss,  thе ongoing fеdеral invеstigation casts a pall ovеr Mеnеndеz's political futurе.  Thе outcomе of thеsе invеstigations rеmains uncеrtain and will undoubtеdly shapе thе trajеctory of his carееr and his lеgacy in Amеrican politics.  Whеthеr Mеnеndеz possеssеs еnough political "Tеflon" to withstand thе еvolving tidеs of public opinion and political accountability rеmains a quеstion that only timе will answеr. 

Sеnator Robеrt Mеnеndеz's political journеy is a tеstamеnt to thе еnduring naturе of his carееr,  which has spannеd nеarly half a cеntury.  From his humblе bеginnings as a young,  ambitious candidatе to his currеnt position as a prominеnt figurе in Amеrican politics,  Mеnеndеz's carееr has bееn markеd by both triumphs and tribulations.  Whilе hе has facеd lеgal challеngеs and allеgations of corruption,  hе has also dеmonstratеd a rеmarkablе ability to pеrsеvеrе and sеcurе thе trust of his constituеnts.  As thе sеcond fеdеral invеstigation into his conduct unfolds,  thе futurе coursе of Sеnator Mеnеndеz's carееr rеmains uncеrtain,  with its ultimatе trajеctory hinging on thе outcomеs of thеsе ongoing invеstigations.  

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
The movement began in the 1930s, and with the Sikh diaspora's financial and political support, it grew in popularity in the Sikh-majority Indian state of Punjab.

Last Update: 19/09/2023 IST

The death of a Khalistani fanatic in Canada, according to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was orchestrated by the Indian government, he claimed recently. He later stated, though, that he is not seeking to aggravate the situation with India. Significant attention and discussion have been generated by this development in both nations.

By establishing Khalistan, an ethno-religious sovereign state, in the Punjab region, the **Khalistan movement** aspires to provide Sikhs a place to call home. varied parties have varied ideas about where the borders of Khalistan should be; some propose the whole Indian state of Punjab, while others make more expansive claims that encompass Pakistan's Punjab and other regions of northern India including Chandigarh, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh1. The movement began in the 1930s, and with the Sikh diaspora's financial and political support, it grew in popularity in the Sikh-majority Indian state of Punjab. However, the insurgency waned in the 1990s as a result of things including a harsh police crackdown on separatists, intra-faction conflict, and disillusionment among the Sikh populace.

It is crucial to remember that India and Canada continue to disagree on the subject of Khalistani extremism. Relations between the two nations have been strained since the Canadian government has been accused of offering a "safe haven" to advocates of Khalistan. One of the largest Sikh populations outside of India is in Canada, and incidents that seem to glorify violence by Sikh separatists have garnered criticism from that country.

By establishing Khalistan, an ethno-religious sovereign state, in the Punjab region, the **Khalistan movement** aspires to provide Sikhs a place to call home. It's unclear how the movement and its followers are doing right now because some are still pushing for the creation of a separate state while others have switched to advocating for Sikh identity and nationalism within India. The movement has weakened recently, and many of its important figures have either been killed, arrested, or exiled. The Khalistan movement is currently seen as inactive in India and has little support from Punjab's urban or local population. However, Sikhs residing in Canada, the UK, or the USA3 embrace it ideologically.

Around the end of the 15th century CE, the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent saw the beginning of the distinct religion known as Sikhism. With approximately 25 to 30 million adherents known as Sikhs, it is one of the most recently created significant religious movements and ranks as the fifth-largest worldwide. The spiritual teachings of teacher Nanak, the faith's first teacher, and the nine Sikh gurus who followed him, led to the development of Sikhism1. Gobind Singh, the tenth guru, designated the Sikh holy book Guru Granth Sahib as his successor, making it the eleventh and final everlasting guru.

Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism are all considered to be Dharmic religions, along with Sikhism. Sikhism's core tenets include faith in and meditation on the one Creator, divine unity and equality of all people, performing seva (selfless service), pursuing justice for the good and prosperity of all, and acting honorably and making a living as a householder. Simran, which can be conveyed musically through kirtan or internally through naam japna (meditation on His name), is emphasized in Sikhism as a way to experience God's presence.

Morocco Earthquake
The loss of life toll climbed to over 1,000 souls, with many more left injured and limitless others missing.

In the annals of history, natural disasters have struck with  implacable pressure, leaving  desolation in their wake and uniting communities in the face of adversity. Among those cataclysmic conditioning, the Morocco earthquake of September 9, 2023, stands as a grim  memorial of nature's energy. This composition delves deep into the coronary heart of this disaster, presenting a comprehensive evaluation of the occasion, its  goods, and the adaptability of the Moroccan humans.     

The Earthquake's Impact   temblors That Shook a Nation   On that  cataclysmal  night time, the  timepiece struck 23eleven neighborhood time( 22eleven GMT), and vital Morocco turned into jolted with the aid of a seismic event of  emotional significance, measuring 6. Eight on the Richter scale. The  bottom  bucketed violently, inflicting  fear and chaos as  residers rushed into the  thoroughfares looking for safety.     

The earthquake's  center lay within the  redoubtable High Atlas Mountains,  roughly seventy one kilometers( 44  long hauls) southwest of the bustling  city of Marrakesh. still, its effect extended far beyond this remote vicinity. " Violent "  temblors  resounded throughout the nation, from the  littoral  megalopolis of Casablanca to the  witching

Marrakesh, where  innumerous homes succumbed to the  grim forces of nature. The Risk on mortal Lives   

Tragically, the Morocco earthquake exacted a  ruinous  mortal risk. In its  fate, the loss of life risk climbed to over 1,000 souls, with  numerous  further left injured and  measureless others missing. The maximum coronary heart- wrenching issue of this disaster is the notion that  multitudinous victims are still trapped underneath the  debris, their cries for  help echoing via the shattered  geography.     

The earthquake's impact came particularly extreme within the hard- to- reach mountainous areas, in which get entry to for deliverance  brigades posed a great challenge. In the  businesses and  cosmopolises of al- Haouz, Marrakesh, Ouarzazate, Azilal, Chichaoua, and Taroudant,  homes were torn  piecemeal, houses reduced to  debris, and groups left in despair.     

Immediate Response and Relief sweats   In the wake of any  similar  disastrous event, the Moroccan authorities sprang into action. The royal palace declared three days of countrywide mourning, admitting the  graveness of the state of affairs and the profound loss faced via the nation.     

A Call to Action   Feting the  critical need for  backing, the Moroccan fortified forces  fleetly  mustered deliverance  brigades to  give affected regions with  pivotal relief. These  sweats blanketed the  force of smooth ingesting water, food substances,  canopies, and  robes, all of which have been vital for the survivors enduring the  fate of the earthquake.     

A Cry for Help   The injured and traumatized streamed into Marrakesh's hospitals, straining the  city's medical  means. Authorities issued an  superheated plea to the  megalopolis's citizens,  prompting them to  contribute blood and  give  help to their fellow  residers in this time of dire want.     

The Price of Heritage  A City in remains  Marrakesh, with its ancient Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage web  runner, bore a giant  mass of the earthquake's fury. numerous iconic  milestones and systems suffered extreme  detriment, all the time altering the  megacity's  geography. Dust swirled around the minaret of the ancient Kutubiyya synagogue , a symbol of the  city's rich artistic history, as fears of its  deteriorate  impended big.     

The Adaptability of the People   Amidst the chaos, stories of adaptability and cohesion  surfaced. residers like Rashid Ben Arabi  brazened the darkness and  query, making sure the protection of their cherished bones. In the  megacity of Amizmiz,  roughly fifty six kilometers( 35  long hauls) from Marrakesh,  homes huddled  inclusively, in hunt of solace in  robes at the same time as slumbering on the  thoroughfares. The fear of  violent foreshocks drove them faraway from their homes, into the  outside, in a  hopeless  shot for protection. International Solidarity   

The earthquake's impact came not  confined to Moroccan borders. Its  temblors  gurgled into  bordering  Algeria, although thankfully, they did now not affect in any damage or casualties. Despite political variations, Algeria dragged  a  philanthropic  hand through presenting to open its airspace for medical and comfort breakouts to Morocco.     

On the global degree, leaders from  colorful  transnational  locales expressed their  concinnity and  companion. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speakme on the G20  peak in Delhi, pledged worldwide  backing for Morocco. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and French President Emmanuel Macron offered condolences and aid to the Moroccan people.     

Indeed leaders with contentious  connections with Morocco,  similar as US President Joe Biden and Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky, presented sincere solidarity. Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed his condolences,  participating the  pang and mourning of the Moroccan humans, demonstrating that during times of  extremity, humanity transcends politics.     

The Morocco earthquake of September nine, 2023, changed into a  ruinous herbal catastrophe that examined the adaptability of a area. It shattered  structures, tore families  piecemeal, and left a scar at the  outlook. still, amidst the  debris and melancholy, the Moroccan  mortal beings  verified top notch energy and solidarity.     

This composition has supplied a detailed account of the earthquake's effect, the  response of the Moroccan authorities, and the harmony dragged  by using the worldwide community. It's a testomony to the  insuperable spirit of the Moroccan  mortal beings, who, in the face of adversity, have validated that they're  suitable to  prostrating indeed the maximum  redoubtable demanding situations.     

In times of  extremity, humanity's  eventuality for compassion and help shines thru, transcending borders and politics. The world stands with Morocco in its time of want, demonstrating that  inclusively, we will rebuild and heal from the maximum  ruinous of herbal disasters. 

Portugal Extеnds Tax Exеmption

Rеcеnt rеports indicatе a significant drop of nеarly 10% in pricеs sincе thе incеption of a pionееring mеasurе in April.  Portugal has dеcidеd to prolong thе zеro Valuе Addеd Tax (VAT) policy on a sеlеction of "еssеntial" food itеms until thе closе of thе yеar,  incurring a govеrnmеnt еxpеnsе of €140 million ($149. 8 million). 

Initially introducеd in April for a six-month duration,  this tax еxеmption еncompassеs a rangе of 46 еvеryday food еssеntials.  Thеsе includе staplеs such as frеsh producе likе fruits and vеgеtablеs,  various mеats,  fish,  dairy products,  and brеad.  Mariana Viеira da Silva,  thе Ministеr of thе Prеsidеncy,  unvеilеd this еxtеnsion of thе VAT еxеmption,  following thе nod of approval from thе Council of Ministеrs on Sеptеmbеr 7th. 

In an official statеmеnt,  thе govеrnmеnt hailеd thе initial phasе of zеro VAT as instrumеntal in driving down pricеs for consumеrs,  as еvidеncеd by an almost 10% rеduction in pricеs from April 17th to August 28th. 

Da Silva,  during a subsеquеnt prеss confеrеncе,  laudеd thе VAT initiativе as a "rеsounding succеss" that lеd to a substantial and proportionatе rеduction in thе cost of thе fundamеntal,  hеalth-conscious food baskеt.  Thе assеssmеnt of this impact was carriеd out by Portugal's Economic and Food Safеty Authority (ASAE). 

Shе highlightеd a notеworthy dеclinе in food inflation in Portugal,  dropping to 7. 3% in August from 8. 6%,  which is morе than half thе ratе еxpеriеncеd bеforе thе introduction of thе zеro VAT policy in April.  Howеvеr,  da Silva pointеd out that thе ratе of pricе еscalation still еxcееdеd thе country's mеdium-tеrm objеctivеs.  Consеquеntly,  thе dеcision was madе to еxtеnd thе tax rеliеf until thе yеar's еnd. 

Thе govеrnmеnt's statеmеnt еlucidatеd thе origins of thе zеro VAT initiativе,  which еmеrgеd from a trilatеral agrееmеnt signеd among thе govеrnmеnt,  as wеll as thе food production and distribution sеctors.  This collaborativе еffort was aimеd at mitigating thе advеrsе еffеcts of inflation on housеhold incomеs.  Thе sеlеction of thе 46 products on thе list was dеtеrminеd by considеring thе Ministry of Hеalth's dеfinition of a hеalthful food baskеt and analyzing data from distribution companiеs rеgarding thе most commonly consumеd products among thе Portuguеsе population. 

Francе,  anothеr Europеan nation,  has also undеrtakеn mеasurеs to combat soaring food costs.  In thе past month,  Francе rеachеd an agrееmеnt with producеrs to еithеr frееzе or rеducе pricеs on an assortmеnt of goods,  including food products. 

Hungary,  in a similar vеin,  initiatеd a pricing control program last yеar,  which concludеd in August.  It was subsеquеntly rеplacеd by an altеrnativе schеmе in Junе,  which incrеasеd thе mandatory discount lеvy from 10% to 15%,  еncompassing a baskеt of 20 еssеntial food itеms.  

The current $1.55B Mega Millions jackpot is the highest ever. Tonight, Tuesday, August 8, is the next drawing.

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached a record-breaking $1.55 billion after Friday night's jackpot drawing produced no winners.

The latest Mega Millions jackpot surpasses the previous record, which was $1.537 billion, set on October 23, 2018.

Could you win the highest-ever Mega Millions jackpot? Here is all the information you require:

Mega Millions results for August 4, 23

The Mega Ball was 20, and the winning numbers in Friday night's drawing were 11, 30, 45, 52, and 56. 2X was the Megaplier.

Was there a Mega Millions winner on August 4, 2023?

The large jackpot was not won. Five numbers were correctly predicted by tickets sold in Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Five numbers, the Megaplier, and tickets sold in Tennessee and Michigan all lined up.

What time is the following Mega Millions drawing?

On Tuesdays and Fridays, numbers are drawn. Today, Tuesday, August 8, at 11 p.m., the next Mega Millions drawing will take place.

What would you stand to gain?

The anticipated $1.55 billion jackpot prize for the following jackpot drawing on Tuesday would go to the winning numbers. Jackpot winners have the option of receiving their prize as a 29-year annuity, starting with a one-time payment.

Additionally, winners have the option of a lump sum reward. A jackpot winner in Tuesday's drawing would get a lump-sum payment of cash before taxes worth around $757.2 million.

How many Mega Millions lottery numbers are required to win a prize?

One number must match in order to win the Mega Ball, which is worth $2. If the Mega Ball is not your match, you must match a minimum of three white balls to be eligible for a $10 prize.

What is the Mega Millions game?

Playing Mega Millions costs $2.

There are a total of nine different ways to win, and the payouts range from $2 to the full jackpot.

Match Mega Ball with 5 White Balls: Jackpot

Match 5 White Balls = $1,000,000

Match Mega Ball with 4 White Balls: $10,000

Match 4 White Balls: Match for $500 $200 Match with 3 White Balls and a Mega Ball. Match for $3 White Balls at $10 $10 Match with 2 White Balls and a Mega Ball. $1 Match with 1 White Ball and 1 Mega Ball Megaball: $2.

One number from the gold balls numbered 1-25 and five different numbers from the white balls numbered 1-70 are the two pools of numbers from which players can choose their six choices.

Register e-invoices on the GST portal, businesses must follow a step-by-step process to comply with the government's electronic invoicing requirements.

E-invoicing has been introduced to enhance transparency and simplify tax compliance for businesses. Below is a detailed guide on how to register e-invoices on the GST portal:

The first step is to obtain a valid Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) for your business. If you are already registered under GST, ensure that your GSTIN is active and up-to-date.

As of now, there are two main government-approved Invoice Registration Portals (IRPs) in India: NIC (National Informatics Centre) and GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network). Choose one of these portals to register your e-invoices.

Before registering e-invoices, ensure that your invoice data is accurate and complies with the prescribed formats. Validate all the necessary details such as invoice number, customer details, item descriptions, taxes, and any other relevant information.

Using your accounting software or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, generate the e-invoice in the prescribed format. The format for e-invoices is standardized under the GST e-invoicing schema.

Once the e-invoice is generated, it needs to be uploaded to the chosen Invoice Registration Portal. Log in to the portal using your GSTIN credentials and upload the e-invoice data. The IRP will validate the data and generate a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) along with a QR code.

After the IRP processes the e-invoice data, verify the generated Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and the QR code. These are essential for further compliance and invoice tracking.

Once the e-invoice is successfully registered and processed on the IRP, share the e-invoice with your recipient (buyer) using the preferred communication method. This can be done via email or any other electronic means.

The e-invoice details, including the IRN, must be accurately filed along with your regular GST returns. This ensures that the e-invoices are properly accounted for in your tax filings.

Periodically reconcile the e-invoices generated and uploaded with your accounting records to ensure accuracy and compliance.

In case an e-invoice is rejected by the IRP due to data errors, rectify the issues and re-upload the corrected e-invoice promptly.

Keep yourself informed about any updates or changes in the e-invoicing process and comply with them to avoid penalties or non-compliance issues.

E-invoicing is a significant step towards simplifying the tax compliance process for businesses. Registering e-invoices on the GST portal involves generating the invoice in the prescribed format, uploading it to an Invoice Registration Portal, and sharing it with the recipient. Proper reconciliation and filing of e-invoices with GST returns are crucial to maintain accurate records and comply with government regulations. Businesses must stay updated with any changes or additions to the e-invoicing process to ensure smooth compliance with the GST rules.

By following the step-by-step process outlined above, businesses can efficiently register e-invoices on the GST portal and seamlessly integrate with the government's e-invoicing system. This not only enhances transparency but also streamlines the invoicing process and makes tax compliance more manageable for businesses of all sizes.

Generating e-invoices in Tally Prime software is a seamless process that helps businesses comply with tax regulations and streamline their invoicing operations. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to generate e-invoices in Tally Prime:

Ensure that you have entered your GSTIN details correctly in Tally Prime. Also, make sure that the e-invoicing feature is enabled in the software.

Go to the "Accounting Vouchers" section in Tally Prime and select "Sales." Enter all the relevant details, such as the customer's name, item details, quantity, rate, and any applicable taxes.

After entering all the necessary details, validate the sales voucher to ensure there are no errors or missing information.

Once the voucher is validated, click on the "E-Invoice" option in Tally Prime. The software will automatically generate the e-invoice based on the information provided in the sales voucher.

Before finalizing the e-invoice, review all the details carefully to ensure accuracy. Double-check the customer's information, invoice amount, taxes, and other relevant data.

After verifying the e-invoice, click on the "Upload to E-Invoice Portal" button in Tally Prime. The software will transmit the invoice data to the government's GSTN portal.

Once the e-invoice data is uploaded, the government's portal will generate a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and a Quick Response (QR) code for the e-invoice.

Tally Prime will automatically fetch and save the IRN and QR code associated with the e-invoice. This step ensures that you have a record of the generated e-invoice in your Tally software.

You can now print the e-invoice or share it directly with your customers via email or other communication channels.

Finally, when filing your GST returns, include the details of the e-invoices generated in Tally Prime along with other sales transactions.

Generating e-invoices in Tally Prime simplifies the invoicing process and helps businesses stay compliant with GST regulations. It also ensures seamless integration with the government's E-Invoice system, reducing manual efforts and potential errors. By following these steps, you can efficiently generate and manage e-invoices for your business in Tally Prime software.

E-Invoicing Applicable for Turnover Reduced to 5 Crore on August 1st, 2023

On August 1st, 2023

The government has introduced a significant change in the e-invoicing regulations that impact businesses with a turnover of 5 crore or more. Prior to this, e-invoicing was mandatory for businesses with a turnover of 10 crore or more. The new amendment aims to streamline invoicing procedures, enhance tax compliance, and reduce the compliance burden on smaller businesses while still capturing relevant data for tax purposes. In this article, we'll explore the key aspects and benefits of this change in e-invoicing applicability.

What is E-Invoicing?

E-invoicing refers to the process of electronically generating and authenticating invoices directly from accounting systems to the government's Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). This digital transformation eliminates the need for manual data entry and significantly reduces the chances of errors or discrepancies in the invoicing process.

Reduced Turnover Threshold:

With effect from August 1st, 2023, businesses with an annual turnover of 5 crore or more are now required to comply with the e-invoicing regulations. Previously, businesses with a turnover of 10 crore or more were mandated to use e-invoicing. This change aims to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by reducing the compliance burden while still ensuring tax data accuracy for larger businesses.

Benefits of the Reduced Turnover Threshold:

Enhanced Efficiency: Smaller businesses can now adopt e-invoicing, which streamlines their billing process, reduces paperwork, and improves overall efficiency. This, in turn, allows them to focus more on their core business operations.

Tax Compliance: The reduced threshold ensures that businesses generating a substantial amount of revenue are still part of the e-invoicing system, which aids in maintaining a comprehensive tax database for the government.

Seamless Data Integration: With e-invoicing, the data from invoices is directly integrated into the GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) system, simplifying the tax filing process and minimizing errors.

Improved Cash Flow: E-invoicing accelerates the invoice-to-payment cycle, leading to faster realization of payments and improved cash flow management for businesses.

Environmentally Friendly: The adoption of e-invoicing contributes to a reduction in paper usage, promoting sustainability and environmental conservation.

Preparing for the Transition:

Businesses affected by the reduced turnover threshold need to be proactive in preparing for the transition. Key steps include:

Software Update: Ensure that your accounting and billing software is updated to support e-invoicing compliance.

IRP Integration: Integrate your accounting software with the government's Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for seamless e-invoice generation.

Employee Training: Provide training to relevant staff members on the e-invoicing process and its compliance requirements.

Engage with Service Providers: If needed, consider engaging with third-party service providers who specialize in e-invoicing solutions for a smoother transition.

The reduction in the turnover threshold for e-invoicing on August 1st, 2023, marks a progressive step by the government to promote digitalization and ease the compliance burden on businesses. SMEs can now benefit from the advantages of e-invoicing, while larger enterprises continue to contribute to a more efficient tax ecosystem. By embracing this change and preparing for the transition, businesses can optimize their invoicing processes and stay compliant in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Who should register for GST? A Comprehensive Guide


Understanding GST

Threshold for GST Registration

Benefits of GST Registration

Drawbacks of Not Registering for GST

How to Register for GST

Compliance Requirements

Maintaining Proper Records

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Introduction

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration process. Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer, or a service provider, understanding GST and its implications is essential to stay compliant with the tax laws in your country. This article aims to provide you with a clear understanding of who should register for GST, the benefits of registration, and the potential drawbacks of not doing so.

2. Understanding GST

GST is a consumption-based tax levied on the supply of goods and services. It has replaced various indirect taxes in many countries to streamline the taxation system and create a unified market. The tax is applied at each stage of the supply chain, and it is ultimately borne by the end consumer. GST helps eliminate the cascading effect of taxes, making it more efficient and transparent.

3. Threshold for GST Registration

The threshold for mandatory GST registration varies from country to country. In the United States, for instance, businesses with an annual turnover of $4864 or more are required to register for GST. However, it is essential to check the specific threshold in your country as it may differ. Even if your turnover is below the threshold, voluntary registration may still be beneficial, as we will discuss later.

4. Benefits of GST Registration

a. Legitimacy and Credibility

Registering for GST lends your business a sense of legitimacy and credibility. It shows that your business is compliant with tax laws and follows proper accounting practices. This can be a significant advantage when dealing with potential clients or partners.

b. Input Tax Credit (ITC)

One of the primary benefits of GST registration is the ability to claim Input Tax Credit. This means that businesses can set off the GST paid on purchases against the GST collected on sales. This mechanism reduces the overall tax liability and can lead to cost savings.

c. Access to Wider Market

GST registration is often a prerequisite for participating in government tenders and e-commerce platforms. Being registered opens up opportunities to access a more extensive market and can potentially boost your business.

d. Compliance with the Law

GST registration ensures that your business complies with the tax regulations of your country. Non-compliance can lead to penalties and legal issues, which can be detrimental to your business's reputation and financial stability.

5. Drawbacks of Not Registering for GST

a. Ineligibility for Input Tax Credit

If your business is not registered for GST, you cannot claim Input Tax Credit. This means you will end up paying the full tax amount on your purchases, which can increase your operational costs.

b. Limited Market Access

Not registering for GST may restrict your ability to participate in certain business opportunities, especially those involving government contracts or e-commerce platforms that require GST registration.

c. Legal Consequences

Failure to register for GST when required by law can result in penalties and legal consequences. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense, so it's crucial to be aware of the registration requirements in your country.

6. How to Register for GST

The process of GST registration varies from country to country, but it generally involves the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain the Necessary Documents

Collect all the required documents, such as business registration proof, identity and address proofs of the promoters, and bank account details.

Step 2: Visit the GST Portal

Go to the official GST portal of your country and create a new account if you haven't already. Log in to the portal using your credentials.

Step 3: Fill the Registration Form

Fill in the GST registration form with accurate details of your business and the promoters. Double-check all the information before submitting the form.

Step 4: Verification and Approval

Once you submit the registration form, it will be verified by the tax authorities. If everything is in order, your application will be approved, and you will receive your GST registration certificate.

7. Compliance Requirements

After obtaining GST registration, it is essential to adhere to the compliance requirements to avoid penalties and fines. Some key compliance responsibilities include:

a. Filing GST Returns

Registered businesses must file periodic GST returns, which detail their sales and purchases. The frequency of filing returns may vary based on your turnover.

b. Collecting and Remitting GST

As a registered taxpayer, you are responsible for collecting GST from your customers and remitting it to the government within the specified timeframes.

c. Updating Business Details

If there are any changes in your business, such as address, contact information, or business structure, you must update the details on the GST portal.

8. Maintaining Proper Records

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records is crucial for a smooth GST compliance process. Keep detailed records of your sales, purchases, invoices, and expenses to ensure accurate filing of GST returns.

9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is GST registration mandatory for all businesses?

No, the threshold for mandatory GST registration varies from country to country. It is essential to check the specific threshold in your country to determine if your business needs to register for GST.

Q2: Can I claim Input Tax Credit if I'm not registered for GST?

No, only registered businesses can claim Input Tax Credit. If your business is not registered, you cannot avail this benefit.

Q3: What happens if I don't register for GST despite crossing the threshold?

Failure to register for GST despite crossing the threshold can result in penalties and legal consequences. It is essential to comply with the tax laws of your country to avoid such issues.

Q4: How often do I need to file GST returns?

The frequency of filing GST returns may vary based on your business turnover. In some countries, it could be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Q5: Can I update my business details after GST registration?

Yes, you can update your business details on the GST portal if there are any changes in your business, such as address, contact information, or business structure.

GST registration is crucial for businesses that meet the threshold in their respective countries. Registering for GST provides numerous benefits, such as legitimacy, access to input tax credit, and a broader market reach. On the other hand, not registering for GST can lead to limited opportunities and legal consequences. To ensure a smooth registration process and compliance with GST laws, maintaining proper records and fulfilling the compliance requirements is essential. If you are unsure about whether your business should register for GST, it is best to consult a tax professional for personalized guidance.

Working on "Cheeni Kum," Amitabh Bachchan taught me professionalism and humility, according to Alexx O'Nell - Exclusive

Have you ever felt stereotypically cast in or denied ethnically-based roles in Bollywood?

I'm confident that my appearance has cost me opportunities in both directions. I'm positive that my appearance had a part in my being cast for a role. I've come to the conclusion that my only options are to choose the right projects, give my all, and keep developing my abilities. I just don't have time to think about the opportunities I miss up on. There is no energy left over after juggling acting, music, family, and adventure activities (primarily paragliding, diving, and motorcycling).

My parts in movies and television shows like "Aarya," "Sweet Kaaram Coffee," "Roohi," "Main Aur Charls," "Golondaaj," and "Madrasappattinam," to name a few, have all been exceptional and incredibly satisfying. I am really appreciative that people enjoy my work and that cities and audiences continue to make me amazing opportunities.

The people I have worked with recently and/or frequently, like Akshay Kumar and I have recently shot together, come to mind first. In 2012, we co-starred in the film "Joker." He is a great scene companion and is always pleasant to catch up with. And curiously, Prabhu Deva does the same thing. He always throws in a quick aside that can catch you off guard if you're not expecting it. 

I recently worked with Pratik Gandhi on the film "Phule," and after our shoot, we shared a really fantastic supper at the hotel while discussing movies, martial arts, health, and so much more.

I co-wrote Aarya with Sushmita Sen, and one of my favorite memories from that shoot is playing pool with her late into the night and watching 'The Godfather' with her in an outdoor theater in the Chomu Palace courtyard in Rajasthan.

I've collaborated with Rajkummar Rao on three projects over the years: "Chittagong," "Bose," and "Roohi," and I always enjoy talking to him and catching up on everything that has transpired since we first met. The list is endless.

Do you hang out with any buddies that work in the industry?

Over the years, I have developed a number of sincere connections with numerous members of the entertainment industry. It's always beneficial to have pals who are familiar with the intricacies of the business, have similar interests, and can serve as a sounding board for creative approaches to a job or a song. However, I also have to admit that I genuinely value the friendships I build with the folks I collaborate with on each new project. Even though we are not particularly tight, I always like catching up with them whether it's on or off the set. As people advance from being assistants to department heads, DOPs, and directors themselves after working in this field for some time, as I have, it is inevitable that you will keep running across them. Seeing the growth of those you care about is quite amazing.

You made your Bollywood debut in the Amitabh Bachchan film "Cheeni Kum," and you also appeared in "Chehre." How has your interaction with the megastar been?

My first significant Bollywood film was "Cheeni Kum," and I still clearly recall my time on set with Amitabh Bachchan. He taught me a lesson in professionalism and humility, and I carry that lesson with me every time I film. Even though I was a complete novice to Indian cinema, he would still practice with me before our sequences, and once his closeup was through, he would stand on his mark and offer cues for my closeup. He didn't need to practice with me, and a helper could have given the cues just as easily, but he had the class and the professionalism to handle it alone. I also attempt to teach this lesson by example because I think actors should act, not only because it's the right thing to do professionally. Even when no one is watching, we should still take pleasure in acting.

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने कारगिल विजय दिवस के अवसर पर 1999 के कारगिल संघर्ष में अपनी जान देने वाले सैनिकों को भावभीनी श्रद्धांजलि अर्पित की, जिससे भारत को पाकिस्तान को हराने में मदद मिली।

प्रधान मंत्री ने हिंदी में एक ट्वीट में इस बात पर जोर दिया कि कारगिल विजय दिवस भारत के महान योद्धाओं द्वारा प्रदर्शित अविश्वसनीय बहादुरी की याद दिलाता है, जो देश के लोगों के लिए हमेशा प्रेरणा रहेगा।

द्रास युद्ध स्मारक पर रक्षा मंत्री राजनाथ सिंह ने कारगिल युद्ध के नायकों के सम्मान में पुष्पांजलि अर्पित की।

पीटीआई के अनुसार, विजय दिवस मनाने और 1999 के कारगिल युद्ध में अपनी जान देने वाले 559 सैनिकों को श्रद्धांजलि देने के लिए दो दिवसीय स्मारक कार्यक्रम मंगलवार को एक गंभीर समारोह के साथ शुरू हुआ। लामोचेन के सुविधाजनक स्थान से, युद्ध नायक और मृत योद्धाओं के रिश्तेदार बहादुर व्यक्तियों का सम्मान करने आए।

इस कार्यक्रम में उत्तरी सेना के कमांडर लेफ्टिनेंट जनरल उपेन्द्र द्विवेदी मुख्य अतिथि के रूप में शामिल हुए। इसके बाद सेना प्रमुख जनरल मनोज पांडे ने एक सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम में भाग लिया।

सेना कमांडर और बड़ी संख्या में वर्तमान और सेवानिवृत्त वरिष्ठ सैन्य अधिकारी कारगिल युद्ध स्मारक पर शाम की मार्मिक श्रद्धांजलि में शामिल हुए।

"ऑपरेशन विजय" के दौरान सैनिकों द्वारा किए गए सर्वोच्च बलिदान का सम्मान करने के लिए, वीर भूमि पर 559 दीपक जलाए गए, जिनमें से प्रत्येक एक सैनिक का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है।

कारगिल विजय दिवस की 24वीं वर्षगांठ की पूर्व संध्या पर, सेना प्रमुख जनरल मनोज पांडे ने वीरता पुरस्कार प्राप्त करने वाले दिग्गजों, "वीर नारियों", और लद्दाख के द्रास के निवासियों से मुलाकात की और उनके प्रति धन्यवाद व्यक्त किया।

भारतीय सेना ने 26 जुलाई, 1999 को "ऑपरेशन विजय" के विजयी समापन की घोषणा की। यह कारगिल की बर्फीली ऊंचाइयों पर लगभग तीन महीने तक चले संघर्ष के बाद आया, जिसमें टोलोलिंग और टाइगर हिल जैसी बेहद ऊंची जमीनें भी शामिल थीं।

"जनरल मनोज पांडे #COAS ने #KargilVijayDiwas 2023 की पूर्व संध्या पर दिग्गजों, वीर नारियों, वीरता पुरस्कार विजेताओं और #dras और कारगिल के अवाम से बात की और अपना धन्यवाद व्यक्त किया। इस अवसर के दौरान, सैन्य बैंड और लद्दाख की समृद्ध और विविध संस्कृति को दर्शाने वाले सांस्कृतिक कृत्यों का एक मनमोहक प्रदर्शन भी हुआ। मंगलवार को सेना ने ट्वीट किया, "#indianarmy।"

Remembering the Heroes of Kargil: Kargil Vijay Diwas 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid an emotional homage to the soldiers who gave their lives in the 1999 Kargil conflict, which helped India defeat Pakistan, on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas.

The Prime Minister emphasized in a tweet in Hindi that Kargil Vijay Diwas serves as a reminder of the incredible bravery exhibited by India's legendary warriors, who will always be an inspiration to the people of the country.

At the Dras War Memorial, Rajnath Singh, the defense minister, laid a wreath in honor of the Kargil war heroes.

The two-day commemorative event to mark Vijay Diwas and pay tribute to the 559 troops who gave their lives in the 1999 Kargil war got underway here on Tuesday with a sombre ceremony, according to PTI. From Lamochen's vantage point, battle heroes and the relatives of the deceased warriors came to honor the valiant individuals.

Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, the commander of the Northern Army, attended the event as the chief guest. Gen. Manoj Pande, the Army Chief of Staff, then attended a cultural event.

The Army commander and a large number of current and retired senior army officers attended the evening's poignant homage at the Kargil War Memorial.

To honor the supreme sacrifice made by the soldiers during "Operation Vijay," 559 lamps at the Veer Bhoomi were lit, each one representing a soldier.

On the eve of the 24th anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas, Army Chief Gen. Manoj Pande met with veterans, "Veer Naris," recipients of gallantry awards, and residents in Ladakh's Drass and expressed his thanks to them.

The Indian Army proclaimed the victorious conclusion of "Operation Vijay" on July 26, 1999. This came after a struggle that lasted nearly three months in the freezing heights of Kargil, including extremely high ground like Tololing and Tiger Hill.

"General Manoj Pande #COAS spoke with veterans, Veer Naris, Gallantry Award Winners, and Awam of #Dras and #Kargil on the eve of #KargilVijayDiwas 2023 and expressed his thanks. During the occasion, there was also a mesmerizing display of military bands and cultural acts reflecting the rich and varied culture of #Ladakh. Tuesday, the Army tweeted, "#IndianArmy."

A stray dog in Lebanon saves a baby's life by carrying her.

People discussed the stray dog in Lebanon who saved the life of an abandoned newborn on Twitter.

After bringing an orphaned baby to safety, a stray dog in Lebanon became a hero. According to reports, the young child was put in a waste bag outside of a government office. The puppy was carrying the rubbish bag in its mouth when a bystander heard the baby's cries coming from within the package.

The baby was found by an unnamed bystander, who transported her immediately to Islamic Hospital, where she received treatment for bruises on her face and body. Social media reacted quickly to the news, with many denouncing the mother's decision to abandon the infant.

How was the infant saved by the dog?

Using the handle Farid on Twitter, someone posted a picture of the baby along with a detailed message. "A dog saved this baby who was found abandoned today. When translated from Arabic, a portion of their tweet reads, "I hope this youngster will be adopted from a family.

The post received a lot of responses. The majority expressed their views in Arabic. The majority of the responses, when translated, expressed concern for the baby's security and lauded the dog. Some also criticised the parents who left the baby behind.

"Criminals lack empathy and sentiment. I hope I could adopt her, a Twitter user remarked. "So very sad. However, I'm happy the infant is secure, one person added. A third person said, "The little girl would have died if the dog hadn't found her. She was in a bag of trash and nobody would have seen her."

People in Lebanon can't stop praising the dog for saving an abandoned baby.

In the midst of ethnic violence, shocking video of a sexual assault in India's Manipur state has surfaced.

An upsetting video that surfaced on social media depicting two women being made to walk naked by a baying mob in the northeastern Indian state of Manipur sparked outrage and forced the nation's leader Narendra Modi to speak out about the state's ongoing interethnic conflict.

According to the Indigenous Tribal Leaders' Forum (ITLF), the viral video shows an event that happened on May 4. However, police didn't make any arrests until this week, after the video had already gone viral. On Wednesday, Manipur Police called the event "a case of abduction, gang rape, and murder" on Twitter.

On Thursday, officials announced that four persons had been detained and that police operations were still proceeding.

CNN has watched the footage in which two terrified ladies are made to pass through a group of dressed males. The women are encircled by a group of males, several of whom are holding long canes or sticks as weapons, and look to be the targets of groping and sexual assault.

The shocking video was released more than two months after the incident; on May 3, Manipur's ongoing ethnic strife prompted state-wide internet prohibitions.

On Thursday, Modi spoke on the state's situation for the first time, saying: "My heart is filled with anguish and rage. Any civil society should be ashamed of the Manipur situation.

"What happened to the daughters of Manipur can never be forgiven," Modi added, adding that "law will take its course with all its might."

The Indian Supreme Court ordered the federal and Manipur state governments to take "immediate steps... to hold perpetrators accountable" and "ensure such incidents are not repeated" on Thursday as outrage and disgust over the attack grew.

The court declared that it was "completely unacceptable" in a constitutional democracy to use women as weapons of violence.

N. Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur, denounced the incident.

on Thursday, calling it a "crime against humanity."

Speaking to reporters in the state capital Imphal, Singh stated that the Manipur state government, which is led by Modi's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, would not allow crimes against "women and our sisters," adding that the offenders would get the harshest punishment.

"The government and its agencies along with the people of Manipur will make efforts so that they [the offenders] are given the highest punishment of today: capital punishment," he stated. "Even though it is for the court to decide the kind of punishment, we will make sure that they [the offenders] are given the death penalty."

Inability of Singh, a BJP member, to stop ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur has drawn criticism. A big Meitei mob is shown in a video that went viral today escorting two Kuki-Zo tribal women towards a rice field to be gang-raped, according to a statement from the ITLF that was released on Wednesday.

According to the statement's further explanation, the "despicable incident" occurred in the Kangpokpi district's B. Phainom hamlet and "shows the men constantly molesting the helpless women, who cry and plead with their captors."

In recent months, Manipur has struggled with violence.

On May 3, after thousands of students, largely from the Kuki tribe, participated in a demonstration against the dominant Meitei ethnic minority, who have petitioned for special tribal status, clashes broke out in the state capital Imphal. Tribal designation would give the Meitei additional prospects for government employment, among other things, and allow them to purchase land.

Since then, tens of thousands more people have been evacuated and over 100 people have died. According to the ITLF, the incident on May 4 happened after the women's village was destroyed by fire and two males were brutally murdered.

The leader of India's main opposition Congress party, Mallikarjun Kharge, tweeted on Thursday, just before the start of Parliament, "Humanity has died in Manipur," criticising Modi's handling of the situation. By tearing apart the fragile social fabric of the state, the Modi government and the BJP have transformed democracy and the rule of law into mobocracy.

His tweet continued, "India will never forgive your silence," tagging Modi. If your government still has any conscience or remorse, you should talk about Manipur in Parliament and explain what happened, rather than placing blame elsewhere for your combined incompetence at both the Centre and the State.

N. Biren Singh, the state's chief minister, tweeted shortly afterward to announce an arrest.

The Manipur Police "swung into action and made the first arrest this morning after taking a Suo-moto cognisance of the incident immediately after the video surfaced," he added. Suo-moto cognisance is an Indian legal procedure that enables the court to act in a matter even in the absence of a complaint.

He said, "An extensive investigation is currently under progress, and we'll make sure that all of the criminals face harsh punishment, perhaps even the death penalty. Let it be understood that such horrible deeds have no place in our society.

Police in Manipur later announced that they had detained three more suspects "of the heinous crime of abduction and gang rape."

The state's Chief Secretary and Director General of Police received letters from the National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) on Thursday requesting a thorough report on the case within four weeks.

The NHRC stated in a statement that the report should include information about the status of the inquiry, health updates for female survivors and other harmed parties, as well as specifics concerning compensation - if any had been awarded.

Additionally, it requested information on the measures that would "safeguard citizens' human rights, particularly women and vulnerable sections of society from such barbaric incidents."

According to a source familiar with the situation, the Indian government has ordered Twitter and other social media platforms not to share the trending video. The source added that it is "imperative for social media platforms to adhere to Indian laws as the matter is currently under investigation."

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